More clarity in the communication of sterilised cat products worldwide



In order to boost Nature's Protection brand awareness in global markets we are constantly looking for an approach to enhance communication about products. Knowing that over 80% of cats are sterilized, we made a survey, which was aimed to find out, if it is clear and easy to choose the right product from the NATURE'S PROTECTION range for sterilized or castrated cat to the customer.

The study covered different world markets and a competitive environment, so based on the findings, we are adjusting to that and are changing the name of the # 1 most popular feed for sterilized cats from NEUTERED to STERILISED.

According to the findings of the study, customers understand the best products for sterilized cats, where the keyword "Sterilised" is indicated in the name, moreover, this trend also dominates in different world markets, where Nature's Protection is acting.



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