Feed with effectiveness that is approved by veterinarians

Did you know that a veterinary dietetic product can only carry this title if it has been tested and approved by professional veterinarians? After this year’s rigorous testing, Nature’s Protection Urinary Formula-S feed received a certificate confirming its capability to treat bladder stones in felines.

A serious disease for neutered and spayed feline

Cats may develop struvite bladder stones and calculi (or feline urolithiasis) due to an increased amount of insoluble salts in their urine. More than 70% of neutered male and spayed female cats can encounter this problem. 
A normal urinary pH in cats is considered to be 6–7.5. However, the urinary acidity in neutered male and spayed female cats often differs from the acceptable norm. Due to this, salts accumulate in their system, struvite bladder stones form, and the cats develop urolithiasis. 


Encouraging test results
Cats suffering from struvite bladder stones, or an accumulation of salts, were fed Nature’s Protection Urinary Formula-S feed for almost half a year. After an examination, on the effects of this food for pets, it was confirmed that:
  • the amount of struvite bladder stones and salts decreased;
  • the urinary pH imbalance normalised (from 8.8 to 6.5).
Cats that did not previously suffer from urolithiasis but that belonged to the increased risk group were also tested. It was confirmed that they did not develop any abnormalities that could have led to them acquiring the disease.
Following this research, the President of the Association of Veterinarians and a Doctor of Veterinary Science, Jakovas Sengautas, and others in his veterinary practice acknowledged the effectiveness of the Nature’s Protection Urinary Formula-S feed. 
Veterinary dietetic food
A certificate has been issued to the Nature’s Protection Urinary Formula-S feed, which attests to its capabilities.
The conclusion reached by the Doctor of Veterinary Science confirms that this feed is successful in treating:
  • struvite bladder stones;
  • kidney and urinary tract calculi (urolithiasis).
Upgraded composition
The veterinary dietetic feed Nature’s Protection Urinary Formula-S is also distinguished by its composition.
The formula is complemented with pure coconut oil, which is considered as one of the TOP 10 most valuable superfood ingredients in the world and has more than 30 positive qualities.
The feed is also enriched with chicken liver hydrolysate – for even better flavour and edibility.
The composition contains potassium sulphate, which is necessary for the proper functioning of the nervous, digestive and muscular systems and for their improvement.




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