The art of breeding a champion dog


The art of breeding a champion dog

All dogs’ parameters perfectly in compliance with the breed standards, a well-groomed appearance and obedience … just a few of the factors that determine how successful a dog will be to win titles at dog shows. But that’s not all. The well-known breeder and cynologist Janita Januškauskaitė-Plungė, who owns the “Tauro Kennel”, one of the largest animal care centers in the Baltic States, is convinced that another factor is of paramount importance: the dogs’ healthy nutrition.

An impressive record of over 400 titles
The Tauro Kennel’s population consists mainly of Maltese and Bichon Frisé as well as Toy Spitz/Pomeranian breeds. What do they share in common? They are all winners and champions of dog shows worldwide. Over the last 7 years they have won the impressive amount of more than 400 World and European champion titles.
Janita is particularly proud of Tauro Milano, her Bichon Frisé dog. This strikingly beautiful dog has already won as many as 23 titles. Here are just a few: Tauro Milano was recognized the champion of Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Belarus, Ukraine, Poland, Russia, Czech Republic, Malaysia and Azerbaijan. This same Bichon Frisé was declared the best and won the Champion title (Winner) at dog shows in Belarus, Malaysia and the Philippines. This long list of awards is further completed by the award for the “Best of Breed”, a title that all breeders envy dearly. Indeed, this famous award recently honored the Tauro Kennel during the renowned Crufts dog show, yearly held in Great Britain. During this event the Bichon Frisé Tauro Milano preceded not less than 186 competing dogs!
In 2017, after reviewing the results of the year, Tauro Milano was named the TOP DOG of Lithuania.  Talking about a success rate !!
How a new pet food helped to achieve these wonderful results
According to Janita, the breeder, bright-haired dogs in particular require very specific care and to prepare them for dog shows is a time consuming process that is very demanding and that requires lots of specific knowledge and expertise acquired over many years of full dedication. One particular issue is of great concern. Janita witnesses:
“It is not an easy matter to preserve white-haired dogs‘ coat spotless and perfectly white as the fur may show a brown appearance around the eyes due to tear staining. Indeed: due to intoxication and contamination of the body, tears and saliva become nontranslucent and hence cause a brown discoloration of the coat. It took me a long time to tackle the problem. I tried every possible pet food and many different care products. Eventually I came to the conclusion that the best I could do for my dogs was to formulate the food that would not only address the problem, but at the same time provide the required amount of essential nutrients to the animal”.
Thus all hens on deck and back to drawing board … thorough work of experts in animal nutrition, animal health and production technology resulted in the high-quality pet food brand product “Nature‘s Protection Superior Care White Dogs“, which was recently introduced to the market.  All components of this exquisite pet food are properly balanced in order to satisfy the nutritional and physiologic demands of white- and light-haired dogs in the best possible way. Formulated according to a unique recipe “White Dogs“ pet food maintains a lustrous white coat, a perfect skin condition and can also help to fortify the immune system. 
Furthermore, this pet food is enriched with the unique supplement “MikroZeoGen“ – the zeolite group natural mineral of volcanic origin that can help remove toxic substances from the body as well as fortify the immune system. The food also contains essential minerals, borage- and linseed oil as well as natural antioxidants, which strengthen the body from the inside. All this ensures a perfect skin condition and maintains a lustrous white coat while brown tear spots around the eyes are prevented or removed.
No doubt about it:  Nature‘s Protection Superior Care White Dogs pet food is absolutely the best option for white-haired and light-haired dogs. And for champions !!!



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