Almost all pet owners love to pamper their dogs or cats by giving them snacks. However, this is not always beneficial to the pet itself. From the abundant amount of snacks the pet may become overweight, pampering him with food from your table you risk damaging his digestive system and from certain snacks your pet may even develop allergies.


A snack – like a vitamin
Have you ever thought that you could pamper your beloved companion with a snack that would be like a vitamin or a health-enhancing food supplement to him? Such dreams became a reality. At the beginning of this year, a new department was established in the factory of AKVATERA LT, UAB, where high-class, functional, new generation snacks are produced. The production of such snacks for dogs and cats has been started for the first time in the Baltic States.
It can certainly be called a revolution in the world of pet snacks - a new line created by experienced and long-term animal breeders who support the idea of healthy pampering, training and activity for their pets.
The new snacks are suitable for pets with sensitive digestion or allergies. They help maintain dental hygiene and are intended for the prevention of dental plaque. Strengthens the bones and joints of pets. The new supplemental snacks can help ensure healthy coat and skin, as well as maintain an optimal body weight for the dog. From now on, you will be able to pamper your pet without remorse - giving the snack will contribute to the maintenance of his daily full nutrition.
The new range of snacks will consist of strips, sticks and dental sticks. The main ingredients of the snacks are salmon, white fish, as well as vitamins, minerals and superfood ingredients. The new generation of snacks for animals is produced using only green energy, thus contributing not only to the well-being of pets, but also to the conservation of nature.
Functional, grain-free snacks enriched with superfood
The new functional supplemental snacks can be found in the range of several brands, so it is easier to choose what exactly suits your four-legged friend.
A special line of Nature's Protection SUPERIOR CARE snacks has been created for breeders of white-coat dogs. These snacks are enriched with glucosamine, a complex of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids and amino acids, which keeps the tear composition transparent. Protects teeth and gums, prevents plaque formation. The snacks are made without grains, so they do not cause allergies, maintain good condition of the coat and skin, and help improve the pet's digestive system.
Nature's Protection Lifestyle snack line is designed for active pets and these snacks are designed to strengthen bones, joints and maintain the optimal weight of the dog's body. Supplemental snacks are enriched with probiotics and prebiotics, vitamins and minerals, they are grain-free and therefore do not cause additional allergies.
Enrich your pet's free time with a game and training, during which you can use functional supplemental snacks that nurture his health. Pamper your pet daily and forget about worrying about a higher weight or allergies.
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