Big poodle Vija and Nature's Protection


If only we could have foreseen how everything would evolve, we would have taken pictures of all the changes and kept the diary of a remarkable history of the poodle Vija... This would have demonstrated to the entire world how Nature's Protection really impacts health and longevity...

So, here is a true story based on real facts.
Before I start to narrate the story, it is necessary to specify that poodles came into my life when I was fifteen. Now, having passed the age of forty, poodles still always are my companions. 
November 2011
I remember the evening when we were all gathered in our sitting room, and a thirteen-year-old big poodle named Canmoy’s Via Baltia, that returned to us just that day, laid beside us. Via returned to us from her hosts because she could nolonger reach the fourth floor of where they lived. Even worse: she could hardly walk. A beautiful life left its marks on Via: cataract, worn-outjoints, silver rare hair. 13 years means “Indian summer” of life for a big black poodle.
Short back-story
We have been operating in zoology business for more than 20 years already. Occupied in dog breeding, sales of feeding stuffsand basic pet care products, representation of the biggest world pet pro-ducers, we noticed the difference how advertising affects people and what dogs really need. We decided that our professional experience and knowledge would help us to create a top quality unique product, and name and responsibility of our family would proof its quality.
So, that evening together with our International team — Dr. Rob Vigoureux from Belgium and our friend from Croatia Robert Stezinar, Doctor of Science and a Veterinary doctor - we created the plans for the design of a new dog and cat food range. Robert told us about a unique natural material that should be used in our novel products. Later on, we patented this material under the name MicroZeoGen.
I should admit that I was rather skeptic about the benefits of this material. It seemed too good to be true...
Let’s go back to Vija
The day Vija came back to us, she was permanently laying down and refused to eat. And she smelled reallly baldy. I know that smell of decline of life very well... It did not promise anything good...
My husband and I understood that she would not live for long. We decided to take good care of this dog and do everything we could to ease her life until the end.
We started to feed Via with the “magic” powder MicroZeoGen recommended by Robert. Half a tea spoon twice a day. The next day she still lied down, but started to  eat. We carried Via outside, but soon she made her first steps… From then on everything changed for the better. Soon my husband Tauras started to take Vija to work so that the dog was motivated to move, and retrieved some joy of living. We still had to carry Via up the stairs by hand, but the dog was happy she could be with us and observe life around her.
The pace of our life is very dynamic — 5 children, business, social life, dogs, and exhibitions. Days passed by quickly. One of our children was to finish secondary school, another one primary school, and the third one was going to continue studies after school. We were all busy as bees — studies, work, and opening of new stores. We had not even noticed how Via returned from the groomer’s with blacker hair; there were less bald patches on her body, and she started to climb the stairs by herself, without help. Moreover, acute ear inflammations had stopped.
By spring, we noticed that Vija could climb up 12 stairs; getting in and out of the car became routine. I could not understand what was happening because it seemed that the dog was getting younger every day. Her bones and joints became stronger; there were no more inflammations; digestion improved; the hair became more beautiful and blacker; cataract disappeared; the skin condition improved; the dog’s appetite was back, and finally the foul breath disappeared...
Doctors said it was possible that the ingredient use dremoved toxins allowing the organisms to regenerate. There are not so many ingredients of that nature. In people’s medicine, pharmacologists try not to advertise such materials, since pharmacology is a huge business, and information about such miraculous materials is not that beneficial for the business.
Life went on, and I decided to obtain answers to my questions from the guru of MicroZeoGen — professor K. Pavelic, head of the Institute in Rijeka, Croatia, where also 6 research associates, laureates of Nobel Prize, workin his laboratory. Our good friend Robert organized the meeting with the professor. The professor told us in detail about the mineral MicroZeoGen — what it is; why it is natural and why it is hardly used in people’s medicine and pharmaceutical products... We heard about the incredible results he reached by using this material either for people or animals. According to the professor, it is of major importance to understand this material, its effects, and use it properly. Of  course, it is even better to try it yourself, as the effect is impossible to retell, and the effects are felt at once.
I told our story about Vija — a story about amazing results. The professor laughed and told us that it was normal: the body was freed of toxins, ammonia and radio active materials; bones and joints got stronger; proper digestion was restored. With toxin removal the dog’s hair became lustrous and its natural black color came back; cataract was reduced.
If this mineral is so unique, and its effect on the body so miraculous, imagine how many people we could help if we spread this news on a broad scale? This was the question I asked professor Pavelic. According to the professor, the pharmaceutical business is not interested in natural products with positive effects on the organism. One preparation could solve too many problems. And this is not profitable for the trade. I was speechless...
Yes, we feel responsible for our health and the health of our loved ones — We are highly interested in what we use, and what we discover about it. We also assume responsibility for sharing this information with people who could benefit from it. We are ready to help!
On our way home I reflected on what happened — we really needed that material. We wanted to create a different product for the world different by its quality, by our professional approach and by its uniqueness...
So, Vija’s life entered a new stage. We decided to register her for the Dog show, in the Class of Veterans, and show the world how a 14—year-old honored International dog show champion can look like. Via was happy and enjoyed to take part in the show, and... she got a title of the Best Dog. We noticed Via was happy going into the ring, even if she was exhausted after participation in the show. So we decided she’d had enough shows and let her finish her life happily, freely and in love.
Time flew quickly for everybody, our children and our dogs, at our summer residence. We noticed that Via overran a young female dog Musa. Also, Via constantly kept our Bichons under the table. It was impossible to determine the age of Via — the dog looked in full bloom.
Barely one and a half year had passed since her arrival, and the dog had become a totally different one. Only her birth certificate proved that she would be 15 years old... It seemed that somebody had exchanged our dog. It was hard to believe all those changes...
By the autumn, our new pet food product was launched — top quality pet food for cats and dogs called Nature’s Protection. Currently, our food is exported worldwide to 20 countries. It is highly appreciated by breeders and specialists that look for a different, unique and reliable product. The MicroZeoGen shows outstanding results, and the circle of satisfied clients is constantly growing.
About the mineral
Before starting the mass production of Nature's Protection, we checked the effect of MicroZeoGen our selves — in our family, among friends and colleagues. We had to be sure about it and gather facts on its effects. We only wanted to test its qualities proven by professor Pavelic by various researches.
There were no complaints or negative comments about its effects for 2 years. Every person trying this mineral got positive changes in the organism. Everybody who tried this mineral had better condition of the joints; their nails and hair started to grow quicker; backaches reduced, especially felt by the elder women. Some people got rid of reflux; elder people noticed that their hair started togrow. Everybody got rid of the exceeding acidity problem, digestion problems. Apart from that, menstruation aches reduced.
All these properties of the mineral only strengthened our desire to use it in our pet food.
That evening, when Via returned to us and we thought she would live for just a few days, the desire to create a special product, different from any other product on the market, materialized: we created the Nature’s Protection pet food for dogs and cats.
In July 2012, 15,5 years old, Vija’s life ended peacefully. She left this world being healthy.
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