Cat treats. Why are they essential?


 Who is the queen of your home? Is she fluffy and walks wherever she wants? Cat lovers will undoubtedly agree that cats are the rulers of their homes, that want to be constantly indulged. Treats are not only a delicious bite, but also a useful way to take care of your pet in various situations.

Encouraging good behaviour
“You might train a dog, but you will never be able to train a cat” – you might have heard this phrase more than once. Naturally, cats cannot be taught as much as dogs, but it is still necessary to teach them to behave well.
Studies have shown that training is more effective when you give treats to your cat and positively encourage it at the same time. Rewarding your cat with food for good behaviour can be just the right motivation! But remember that cats are lonely hunters by nature, they are used to taking care of themselves. You cannot force your cat to do what she doesn’t want.
Praise, caress and reward your cat for good behavior with healthy treats. If you want to discourage your cat from misbehaving, try distracting her or offering her other activities. It’s important to know that cats do not understand disciplinary measures like dogs do.
For example, if you want your pet to run to you immediately upon your call, give it a treat each time it does that. If your kitten always starts meowing as soon as you start eating, tell her to stop and give her a treat. If your pet does not respond to your commands, don’t give it the treat.
Dental care
Like humans, cats must clean their teeth as well. The simplest way of doing that is to give your pet some treats. They are a great way to prevent plaque and tartar. When looking for a suitable treat for your pet, pay attention to the product’s content – a teeth-friendly product must contain no sugar. Normally, the packaging of such treats is labeled as suitable for dental care. Such delicacies usually contain special active ingredients designed to reduce bacterial growth, plaque formation, as well as to prevent caries, and accelerate the healing of mouth wounds.
A food for picky cats
If you always feed your cat with the same food, especially dry feeds, it is definitely worth to diversify it with one or two extra treat. This will make the food more tasty and your pet will be happier.
It is not a secret that cats are the true epitome of cleanliness, but they can lose a lot of hair while licking their fur. Hairballs can accumulate in their stomach, making the cat feel ill and vomit. Treats with the special Malt paste for cats help them to remove hairballs more easily. It is a perfect choice to take care of your pet’s health.
How often should we give it to them?
If you have ever eaten healthy, wholesome meals all day long, you know that you deserve a delicious snack while watching your favourite TG series in the evening. A similar logic applies for cat treats, too – you should only give them a few times a day, irrespective of how many times your fluffy four-legged friend asks you for them.
Although cats do not tend to ask for treats frequently, you shouldn’t forget that they still love them. So give a tasty bite to your fluffy buddy from time to time, especially when she behaved well. Of course, you should never over do it – treats often have a lot of calories, so indulding your cat too often may make her fat. To avoid this, limit this to a few bites per day.



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