AKVATERA LT, UAB harnesses "green" energy to produce pet food



AKVATERA LT, UAB harnesses "green" energy to produce pet food

Tendencies in recent years indicate that the consumption of "green" energy in Lithuania is growing significantly. More and more companies are interested in energy from renewable energy sources, no exception is AKVATERA LT, UAB – premium quality dog and cat food factory located in Zapyškis village, Kaunas District.

Currently, up to 30% of energy comes from a solar farm, which has been installed near the plant in February this year. Rapidly growing Corporate Social Responsibility and the desire to be friendly to the environment led the company to ensure AKVATERA LT, UAB plant’s operation using 100% clean energy. It is therefore envisaged that 70% of “green” energy will come as of July 1st from alternative energy sources such as hydroelectric power stations, wind and solar power plants.

"We are responsible not only for what we produce, but also how we produce. Our produce is food for animals this is why it is so important for us to take care of nature. The environmental impact of factories and the reduction of negative impacts are one of the most pressing and challenging issues of today. We are a big energy consumer and we are happy to contribute to the reduction of CO2 in the world. Starting from February, 2020, we brought into operation a new 700 kWh solar power plant, which will cover about 30% of our electricity consumption. We have also taken the decision not to stop at 30% – the rest of the energy as of July 1st this year we will also buy "green" – from renewable energy sources – hydroelectric power stations, wind and solar power plants. This way, we contribute to make the world a little cleaner“, – Tautvydas Cinelis, head of production at AKVATERA LT, UAB, welcomed the change.

Lithuanian products manufactured at AKVATERA LT, UAB - NATURE'S PROTECTION, HIQ, ARATON dry food for dogs and cats can be purchased at KIKA stores.



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