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On October 11-13, 2019, the exhibition Made in Lithuania was held at Žalgiris Arena, Kaunas. During this event, Nature's Protection feed for white coat dogs, which is produced by AKVATERA LT, UAB, received the name of the golden product.

Exhibition of Lithuanian Production
The exhibition Made in Lithuania has gathered more than 280 participants. It is organized for the 11th time already and it attracts more attention every year, during which the products and services made in Lithuania are presented.
The main idea of the exhibition is to promote the consumption of Lithuanian products as well as strengthen the cooperation between domestic manufacturers and suppliers of relevant services and equipment.
“The range of Lithuanian products and services today is broader than ever. There are many more various products and services to evaluate and award with the superior quality brand,” rejoiced both, the participants, visitors, and manufacturers of the exhibition.
Feed for White Dogs has Earned a Gold Medal
One of the most anticipated parts of the exhibition was the pre-organized traditional Made in Lithuania 2019 product competition of the best names. The products were carefully assessed by the heads of various public and private institutions, associations and experts, who have evaluated not only the commercial appearance or design of the product but also the value, composition and technological features of the product.
This year it was decided to mark Nature's Protection Superior Care White Dogs Small and Mini Breeds – a feed for small white dogs and dogs of very small breeds – with the quality label and award the title of the best pet food category.
This feed produced by AKVATERA LT, UAB located in Zapyškis, Kaunas region, Lithuania, has already earned the sympathy of pet owners not only in our country: the product has been exported to more than 50 countries worldwide. It is the feed for dogs produced using the latest technology and exceptional for its high-quality composition. Precisely due to its unique formula, this feed can help solve serious problems suffered by dogs with white and light coat, for instance – reduce the appearance of brown tears under the eyes and saliva around the beard and the paws.
The product has been developed for several years in cooperation with breeders, animal nutritionists, and veterinarians by applying the latest technologies implemented in one of the most modern specialized animal feed factories in Northern Europe – AKVATERA LT, UAB. The feed contains natural ingredients exclusively, such as lamb, vitamins, and minerals, which are beneficial for the pet's organism. It is an very carefully created recipe that has been recognised in 50 countries around the world ensuring easy digestibility and tolerance by the dog’s body. The greatest appreciation for this product is that the pets willingly dig in the feed.
“This feed has to be evaluated not only by qualified and professional jury members, pet owners but also by their beloved pets. A healthy and happy dog is the pride of the owner!” stated Tauras Plungė, the owner of UAB AKVATERA LT – the factory which produces Nature's Protection dry feed for dogs and cats.
Quality and Innovation Come First
The aim of Nature’s Protection is to inspire both, the pets and their owners, to enjoy healthy and balanced nutrition and the best way to achieve is to apply quality. “It is highly important that the products for pets do not contain any genetically modified substances, the components supplied only by certified suppliers and a dog’s/cat’s nature is regarded when producing the feed. The quality of Nature Protection is approved annually by factory audit of the highest class performed by a famous Verification Institute (VI) located in Germany and officially earned awards for our products,” told T. Plungė.




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