Antioxidants in feed – What is worth attention?



Antioxidants in feed – What is worth attention?

Antioxidants and preservatives are the components which allow the feed to stay suitable for use during its whole shelf life. Antioxidants can be either synthetic or natural. Natural antioxidants not only protect products against spoilage (oxidation), but also have a positive impact on pets’ health.
Role of antioxidants
Oxidation is the process which occurs when the feed comes in direct contact with oxygen. Over time, in such contact, oxygen breaks down nutrients and fats in the feed and causes various undesirable processes, ranging from colour change to rancidity. Antioxidants slow down damage made by oxygen, thus extending the shelf life of the product.


The effect of antioxidants depends on their choice and introduction in the production process. It is very important to choose an effective combination of antioxidants and to introduce it in the production process as early as possible.
Natural or synthetic antioxidants?
The natural antioxidants most commonly used in feeds for pets are vitamins C and E, citric acid and extracts of various herbs, for example, rosemary. BHA and BHT are the most commonly used synthetic antioxidants.
Natural antioxidants not only protect the feed from spoilage and keeps it fresh throughout the shelf life, but also brings diverse benefits to the pet’s organism. Also, it has been proved by scientific studies, that a combination of vitamin E and rosemary extract demonstrates especially strong antioxidant properties and effectively ensures that the shelf life of the product is maintained.
Benefits of natural antioxidants
In addition to its main function – to maintain the shelf life of the product, natural antioxidants are very beneficial. They protect cells from the negative impact of free radicals and thus, strengthen the immune system. Each day, cells face the harmful effects of free radicals, which occur when the cells are damaged by oxidation. Free radicals are unstable and, if not restrained at the proper moment, can seriously damage cells.
Antioxidants contained in the product enable the immune system to function, while eliminating the impact of free radicals. For young pets, natural antioxidants create immune protection until they form completely. For older pets, antioxidants can slow down the ageing of cells, thus ensuring a longer life span.
The natural antioxidants contained in all Nature’s Protectin dry feeds – tocopherol extract, better known as vitamin E, and rosemary extract – are a strong combination that effectively maintain the products’ shelf life and strengthen the pet’s immune system.





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