Exporter of the Year Award

KIKA GROUP, UAB managing a modern animal feed factory and retail network in Lithuania and Estonia won “Lithuanian Exporter of the Year” award of the Lithuanian Confederation of the Industrialists.
The company has been awarded not only for unusual export directions, such as Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, and Saudi Arabia, but also for the scale of the export – more than million dogs and cats are fed the company feeds all over the world.

Another criteria - investments into development and modernisation – was assessed as well. In 2018, the company invested approximately 5 million euros into the shop network and more than 3.5 million euros into the modernisation of the feed factory.
“We are the company of very wide range and we have the so-called 5 know-how related to exports. We do not only offer a product, but an entire business model and the instrument package how to develop business in a foreign country. We are retailers – this allows us to understand the customer’s shopping habits, and wholesalers, i.e., we are in the shoes of the customers to whom we sell products. Lastly, we are producers and exporters – we apply the best practices from different countries in various markets. What is more, the founders of the company have a kennel which is regarded as one of the 6 best kennels in the world which raises quite a lot of Europe’s and world champions.” Export Manager Paulius Ausmanas of feed factory AKVATERA LT, UAB, a subsidiary company of KIKA GROUP, UAB says.
The export activity of KIKA GROUP, UAB started 6 years ago, at the moment, is completely smooth. According to the Mr. Ausmanas, after opening difficult markets in the first years and establishing good practices in new markets, now we have achieved the phase of accelerated sales and new opportunities.
The feed “Nature‘s Protection” of Super Premium level and meeting the highest quality control standards became the trump card of successful export growth. The quality of the feed produced in Lithuania is strictly surveyed, therefore, it meets even the strictest requirements of foreign partners.
“Lithuanian Exporter of the Year” award, according to Mr. Ausmanas, will not only help to value the Lithuanian production more, but it will also become a new argument in the negotiations with foreign partners.
In 2019, the company plans to expand the development in foreign markets – from 50 up to 60 export countries. In addition, the company intends to invest into the shop network.





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