Why cellulose in NATURE’S PROTECTION is feed so special?

Cellulose, better known as fibre, is a very important part of animals’ nutrition. That is why some of NATURE’S PROTECTION dry feeds are supplemented by this element. You can find out more about the benefits of fibre to pets’ organism in this article.
Excellent digestion – firm feaces
Although, dogs’ and cats’ organisms do not digest cellulose, it is a necessary component to ensure proper functioning of the digestive system and improve the peristalsis of the intestines. As cellulose gets into the organism, it irritates the intestinal villi, thus causes the contractions of the digestive system and helps the food flow. Cellulose causes the sense of satiety; therefore, it can protect your pet from overeating.
Besides, due to its ability to contain water, it can help ensure excellent digestion and influence the formation of firm faeces. According to the data of the scientific research conducted by the manufacturer of cellulose J. Rettenmaier & Sohne, including fibre into the feed reduces the amount of faeces by 12–44%. This means that the absorption of nutrients is better when the feed contains cellulose.
If a dog has diarrhoea, a feed containing cellulose can help regulate the functioning of the digestive system. During the scientific research, dogs with diarrhoea were given feeds containing cellulose. Diarrhoea stopped within 2–3 days and faeces became hard. The improvement is associated to the fact that cellulose increases the amount of dry substances in faeces by 28–32%. 
Hairballs in the stomach – a sensitive issue of cats
Cats are very clean, they wash themselves very often, however, they swallow quite a lot of hair while bathing themselves. Cats’ digestive system is not adapted to digesting hair, therefore, hairballs often are stuck in the stomach and the pet simply vomits up the hairballs.
A group of scientists from the Netherlands conducted a 4-week study in 2011, during which, cats were divided into 2 groups. The studied group of cats were fed with a feed containing 4% cellulose, whereas the feed of the control group did not contain any cellulose. The results confirmed the special benefit of cellulose to pets: 79% less vomiting and 70% less coughing cases were determined in the studied group compared to the control group.
In 2014, a group of scientists from the USA determined that, cellulose helps remove the swallowed hair from the stomach together with the faeces. When individual hairs get into the organism, the fibres of cellulose help direct them straight to the duodenum and remove them with the faeces.
These and many other scientific studies prove once again that cellulose is a special part of pets’ feed which helps solve the sensitive issue of the formation of hairballs in the stomach.
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For prevention of dental diseases
In order for the dog’s or cat’s teeth to be healthy, it is recommended to clean them regularly and perform professional teeth hygiene by a veterinarian. Plaque can also be removed by giving special treats to the pet: mineral bones and sticks. Of course, it is important that the feed you give to your pet contain cellulose. Such feed induces chewing and maintains contact with the surface of the teeth, thus cleaning them mechanically.
NATURE’S PROTECTION pet food for dogs hat contains cellulose:
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