The Lithuanian Product of the Year award was awarded for the highest quality dry cat food NATURES PROTECTION SUPERIOR CARE WHITE CAT, which can help reduce brown spots of tears and saliva. Gold earned food - a unique product in pet care industry, having no analogues neither Lithuania nor the world, excluding the plant previously created feed dogs.



A pet feed factory AKVATERA LT, owned by the UAB KIKA GROUP, has been awarded the “Lithuanian product of the year” gold medal award in the traditional contest, organized by the Lithuanian Confederation of Industrialists. The company was awarded for the highest class dry cat food “Nature’s Protection Superior Care White Cat” that helps to minimize the brown stains of tears and saliva.
“When creating this product we have concentrated on the problem and were looking for a solution. Watery eyes is a problem that is encountered by 80 percent of the cats, however the brown stains are mostly visible around the eyes and chin of white-colored pets, e.g. long-haired Persian, American curled, Turkish Angora cats. This problem is relevant not only to the owners of the exhibition cats, but to all domestic cat owners. We are therefore sincerely happy with the effective formula of the food and the received award”, noted the production manager of AKVATERA LT Tautvydas Cinelis.
The winning food is an unparalleled product in the pet industry both in Lithuania and the world, the only similar product is the dog food, produced earlier by the same factory. Building on the successful formula of the latter product, increased consumer interest and expanding export the product development group has collaborated with the veterinaries, dermatologists, dieticians and breeders to create and introduce the food for white haired cats.  
The food is made from 100 percent naturally selected high quality ingredients and 89 percent animal protein. Balanced ingredients and high quality products maintain the clear composition of tears, protect the organism from infections and prevent forming of the brown stains around the eyes and chin. Before introducing the product to the market it was tested on 53 breeds of cats concentrating on three aspects – efficiency, edibility and digestion. Both criteria received highest evaluation mark.
This year the product and AKVATERA LT factory were awarded in the competition organized by the Kaunas Chamber of Commerce, industry and crafts and received the nomination of Innovation leader. The product was awarded a 3rd place in the competition “Made in Kaunas Region”, organized jointly by the Chamber and the Kaunas Regional Municipality.
From 2007 UAB AKVATERA LT has received 15 awards in the “Lithuanian Product of the Year” competitions organized by the LCI: 4 gold and 11 silver medals. All the awards were for cat, dog and rodent food.
The factory started operation in 2004, it is one of the leading pet food factories in the Northern Europe. AKVATERA LT supplies a wide range of products with original and client brands to the Lithuanian retail networks, pet shops, exports products to Kazakhstan, Spain, Greece, Netherlands, Iran, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Sri Lanka, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Israel, South Korea and other countries.




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