The Dangers of Feeding Raw Meat to Pets



Scientists have determined that Raw Meat is Harmful for Pets

Pet owners often discuss among themselves how to properly, and healthily feed their household pets. As one of the feeding diets, pet owners choose to feed exclusively raw meat or byproducts (RAW or BARF) to their pets. They think that dogs and cats are predators and such kind of diet is right on spot. However, pet owners have no idea what dangers lie when they feed their pets with non-heat processed meat.
Bacterial Infections and Parasites
One of the biggest dangers of feeding raw meat to a pet are bacterial infections. By feeding raw, non-heat processed meat and raw eggs to a pet, it may be infected with various bacterial infections, for example, salmonellosis and internal parasites, e.g., trichinae. Bacterial infections cause vomiting, diarhoea, fever, and weakness. In serious cases, the pathogens may get into the pet‘s blood and even cause death.
These pathogens are highly dangerous because they can spread into the environment and infect humans as well.

The Research Results Are Shocking
Scientists of Utrecht University in the Netherlands made a research, during which they examined raw meat fed to pets to discover four types of bacteria and two types of parasites. During the research, numerous pathogens, dangerous not only for pets but for humans as well, were discovered. Listeria was discovered in fifteen products, E. coli – in eight of them, at least one type of salmonella – in seven of them. Sarcocystis parasites were discovered in eight of the products and in two of them – toxoplasma, especially dangerous for cats.
During 2010–2012, the scientists of the Centre of Veterinary Medicine of the US Food and Drug Administration examined 1000 various kinds of pet food in order to find bacteria. The majority of bacteria was discovered in raw food – 32 tests were positive having listeria, 15 tests were positive having salmonella. One test was positive having salmonella in dry cat food, no bacteria were found in other types of food.
This year, in July, a breakthrough of salmonella was detected in the USA, during which 90 people fell ill (from 1 year old to 91 year old). The examination revealed that all people got infected from their pets which were fed raw turkey meat from “Raw for Paws”.
Is Nutrition Really Well-Balanced?
If you feed raw meat to your pet, you need to ensure well-balanced nutrition, i.e., whether your pet gets all necessary nutrients, minerals, and vitamins. An ordinary pet owner finds it difficult to meet this objective, as a result, well-balanced nutrition is hardly ensured.
In 2013, scientists of the University of California examined 200 types of food fed to pets prepared by their owners at home. Even 95% of “dishes” lacked at least one nutrient, and even 84% of food lacked multiple necessary nutrients. 92% of pet owners were not aware of what food they were supposed to feed their pets.
Various researches indicate a high risk of feeding raw meat. Whether you still cannot make up your mind whether you should start feeding raw meat to your pet, properly evaluate all possible risks. If you have already applied this type of feeding, be very cautious, choose only reliable suppliers, properly wash the meat under running water, and the best solution – process it with heat. 




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