The New Superior Care Standard for White Dogs, Red and Black Coat



Nature’s Protection has paved the way in providing super premium diets based on true nutritional needs of dogs and cats. In a short period of time the brand spread throughout the globe and built a solid reputation by its outstanding results.

So far this has led to several breakthroughs in the Nature’s Protection Superior Care line. Research into the causes of brown discoloration around the eyes, mouth and paws of dogs resulted in the White Dogsdiet. Shortly after, another product helps red-coated dogs to maintain their magnificent hue with the Red Coatproduct.
However, the unbeaten tracks have not revealed all their wonders yet! Focus was put on resolving issues with black-coated dogs who lose their pigmentation.
And now the Nature’s Protection Superior Care Black Coat product is born.
Of course, no concessions are made on overall nutritional value and digestibility since this diet is also based on the stringent Nature’s Protection Nutritional Charter.



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