The Dangers of Table Scraps



Experts Warn – Stop Feeding Your Pet Table Scraps! Its Life Might Be in Danger!

The life expectancy of domestic dogs and cats is constantly getting longer, more of them are frequently fed nutritious balanced feed, they are regularly taken to a veterinarian, and their owners take care of them more attentively. Nonetheless, there are still cases when owners succumb to pet‘s pitiful eyes and treat it with a delicious bite taken from the dinner table. Animal care specialists and veterinarians warn – some products are highly dangerous to pet’s health.
A Risk to Inflict Damage on Pet’s Health
15% of pet owners constantly feed their pets table scraps, these are the results of a survey performed in February of 2018, ordered by Kika Group.
In spite of this, veterinarian Kamilė Ausmanė states, that, humans and animals digest food differently, therefore, what is beneficial for a human may have a completely opposite effect on your dog and cat. Due to their excessive love, owners often treat their pets with table scraps and in doing so, they put their pet’s health in danger. According to the veterinarian, at first, you may fail to notice any effect, however, after a while it becomes clear that the dog or cat has been treated with table scraps.
 “When a pet is constantly treated with table scraps, its health may downgrade because of the insufficient amount of vitamins and minerals in food. Due to food, which is very fatty, a pet may suffer from diarrhea, vomiting, and gradually gain weight. What is more, when a pet gets used to table scraps, he may refuse to eat dry food and wait for a more delicious bite from its master,” says K. Ausmanė.
Food Harmful For Dogs and Cats
The majority of food consumed by humans is not harmful for dogs and cats if fed in moderate portions. However, you must be aware of the products, which are highly dangerous to a pet’s health.
Avocado. It is a highly recommended product, which should be present people’s diets, however, it is completely unsuitable for dogs.It contains persin, which can cause diarrhea or vomiting for dogs.
Chocolate. Caffeine, theobromine, and theophiline found in chocolate may disrupt the nervous system, cardio activity, cause convulsions, shiver, and even death.
Nuts, especially macadamias. They contain the toxins, which have not yet been thoroughly examined, and may inflict damage to the nervous system, digestive tract, and muscular activity. Macadamia nuts can often be found in cookies.
Milk and dairy products. Most of dogs and cats do not tolerate lactose, as a result, after lapping milk or dairy products, they may start vomiting, experiencing diarrhea, and get the digestive activity disrupted.
Grapes and raisins. They contain the toxins, which may cause kidney failure.
Bones. We especially like treating dogs to this type of table scrap. However, make sure that the bone does not have any sharp chips, it is not too small so that it does not get stuck in the throat; otherwise, pet’s digestive system may be disrupted and he may need surgery.
Raw meat, eggs, and fish. These products, which are not processed in a high temperature, may be the source of pathogenic bacteria (for example, salmonella). They may cause vomiting, diarrhea, depending on the type of the vector and its amount, they may disrupt various organ systems.
What should you do when Your Pet Ate the Food Harmful for its Health?
According to veterinarian K. Ausmanė, the list of harmful products is endless, because each organism reacts to any stimulus differently. Therefore, if you decide to treat your pet a delicious table scrap, do not leave him alone, in case any clinical signs occur, see a veterinarian for help. Keep in mind that the more information (the food, its quantity, etc. fed to your pet) you can provide to a veterinarian, the easier it will be for him to help your pet.




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