Food Allergies is an Especially Frequent Issue


What Food is Best for Dogs with Sensitive Skin and Digestive System?

In the modern world, people having allergies to different stimulators are a mundane thing. Urbanization, pollution, heavily populated cities and there is no doubt that all these factors affect pet’s health. Dogs, just like humans, may also have many allergies. That is why it is essential for a pet owner to choose a feed, which perfectly fits for dogs with sensitive skin and digestive system.

Urbanisation Has an Impact on Pets as Well

200 years ago, only 3% of people lived in cities. Throughout the last century, urbanisation rocketed significantly. According to the latest statistical data, the urbanisation level in Europe reaches 55–98%. Increasing urbanisation has an impact on pets as well, especially dogs.
High pollution and stress levels are the dominating features of a city. Together with their masters, many dogs moved from suburbs to cities with no yards and green plots of grass. Dogs living in cities are less frequently taken for a walk into parks or forests, what is more, the very few walks take are shorter because a city man is in a rush all the time. Many conducted studies reveal that dogs, living in cities, develop more allergies and sensitivity to certain factors.
Food Allergies is an Especially Frequent Issue
One of the types of allergic reactions is an allergy for certain components of the feed. Food allergies comprise approximately 10% of all allergies exposing in dogs.
Dog‘s skin is its largest organ, therefore, health problems, especially sensitivity for food and allergies, occur together with skin exfoliation, itching, and excessive fur loss. Approximately 70% of dog‘s immunity lies in its digestive tract. Therefore, it is no surprise that allergies occur as digestive tract problems and skin that is more sensitive.
Nutrition Experts Offer the Solution
Keeping an allergic dog with a sensitive digestive system, it is of utmost importance to choose a proper feed. First, you should know which components your dog is allergic to. After that, you may look for a feed, which does not contain these allergens, and less easily digestible components.
The new "Nature‘s Protection Superior Care Sensitive Skin & Stomach" feed may be a perfect solution for your dog which has a tendency to allergies and sensitive digestive system. Due to the animal – lamb – proteins and natural chicory extract present in the composition, this feed is especially easily digested. So that the feed does not stuff the stomach, it does not contain corn, which is a more difficultly digested material. In order to avoid as many allergens as possible, you will not find wheat or wheat gluten, milk, dairy products, beef, pork, soya and its products, and eggs in the composition of the feed.
Most Valuable Elements – in the Composition of the Feed
The new feed is supplemented with coconut oil, a “superfood”, which is in the world’s TOP 10. It may help retain healthy skin, glistening and thick coat, moisturizes skin, and encourages wound healing. What is more, coconut oil strengthens the immune system and digestive tract.
However, you should not forget our unique Nature‘s Protection “trademark”, the mineral “MicroZeoGen” which may help remove toxins from the organism, absorb nutrients more easily, and improves the immune system.
The feed "Nature‘s Protection Superior Care Sensitive Skin & Stomach", which has many advantages, is specially designed for small and universal breeds, so you can choose the best feed for your pet. 


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