Breaking News: The mystery of discolored black hair finally solved !!!



It’s for years now that heated discussions occurred and controversial theories were circulating,about the causes of the red- or brown discoloration of the black hair coat of dogs. At last the mystery has been solved in technoligists team of Nature’s Protection brand. Although exposure to sunlight or water was often mentioned, a more fundamental food based cause has been identified.

Indeed, the multifunctional team of the Super Premium Lithuanian brand, composed of nutritionists, veterinarians, biologist, breeders and food technicians, along with external scientific researchers and external nutritionists, has found both the cause and the remedy. And this will be a big relief for numerous breeders who participate to shows and events. 
Results of fundamental research, literature search and wise deduction showed a clear link between the level of a particular amino acid (a building block for protein) in the blood plasma and the loss of quality of the black hair coat. 

In particular L-Phenylalanine, which is a precursor of Tyrosine (another amino acid) but also of Melanin (a black skin  and hair pigment) is of paramount importance in this instance. The levels of L-Phenylalanine (and thus of Tyrosine) seem to impact the level of Melanin in the blood en consequently the incorporation of the black pigment into hair as demonstrated by microscopic examination. Conclusion of the Nature’s Protection and external team of nutritionists was that the current recommended levels of these amino acids in the food might be too low for black haired dogs.


The Nature’s Protection team immediately tried to confirm findings of investigation with a test diet and the results were stunning! Over 73% of participating dogs had a clear increase in quality and vibrancy of the coat, while the diet showed over 87% palatability and 100% digestibility.
This success leads to an innovative Nature’s Protection Superior Care product. The Black Coat variety will be of tremendous value for Newfoundlanders, French Bulldog, Black-coated Spitz, Spaniels, Giant Schnauzer, black coated Retrievers, and many more!

Of course this diet strictly respects the nutritional charter of the Nature’s Protection Brand. Poultry and Salmon as protein source, Yucca extract, prebiotics and natural fibre, complemented with gluten-free sweet potato, assure a perfect digestion, even for highly sensitive dogs, as the diet contains no maize nor wheat. Rich Omega-6 and Omega-3 sources, along with the well-known and unique MicroZeoGen complete the picture. But most importantly … the formula has been enriched with Tyrosine and L-Phenylalanine to protect black hair from browning and to maintain a vibrant, lustrous black coat.


Another valuable innovation of the successful Nature’s Protection brand and a win-win opportunity for all breeders and owners of black haired dogs!




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