Global Nature’s Protection family meets at Interzoo’18
On the 8-11th of May, an international pet care exhibition “Interzoo 2018” took place in Nurnberg, Germany. The event that is held once in two years is valued as the largest trading venue for the pet food and care supplies sector, with several thousand manufacturers and more than 40 thousand buyers from different countries participating in the exhibition. More details
The art of breeding a champion dog
All dogs’ parameters perfectly in compliance with the breed standards, a well-groomed appearance and obedience … just a few of the factors that determine how successful a dog will be to win titles at dog shows. But that’s not all. The well-known breeder and cynologist Janita Januškauskaitė-Plungė, who owns the “Tauro Kennel”, one of the largest animal care centers in the Baltic States, is convinced that another factor is of paramount importance: the dogs’ healthy nutrition. More details
Superior Care White Dogs – new superior care standard!
Health and well-being of the most demanding animals is among the top priorities of the Nature's Protection team. This time experts of animal nutrition, veterinary and manufacturing technologies are dealing with the problems of the white and light coated dogs. These dogs require specially tailored solutions as the coat color, skin condition and immunity strength mostly depend on the nutrition. Today we are pleased to introduce the result of our devoted efforts - unique Nature's Protection Superior Care food White Dogs! More details
Our ambassador Hyacinth Ho earned the most important awards here and sends wishes to our friends all around the world. More details
"WHITE DOGS" feed – on the top of popularity in the Polish market
Worldwide recognized and well-regarded, our product “Nature‘s Protection Superior Care White Dogs“ is gradually gaining Polish market shares. In 2017 the dynamics of this dog food sales growth exceeded all expectations and the company “Erbe Animals“ was prized with the highest award for innovative product delivery at the Polish market. More details
Long-term problem solved food for white-coated dogs „WHITE DOGS“
Once she began giving her dog White Dogs feed, Regina was quick to see the changes: the dog's eyes began to tear up less and the fur around its eyes was clearing up by the day. This was a great surprise and joy for the breeder's like-minded friends and colleagues. Soon after, this very Bichon Frisé became a prize-winning pooch at the European Dog Show. More details
Records in World Dog Show 2017
Pleasure to share pleasant memories from World Dog Show 2017 with You.We had very spacious and full of good mood Nature’s Protection stand.Within 5 exhibitions days we were visited more than 3000 visitors and served about 1000 cups of coffee. More details
Natalija Skalin: a dog breeder from Sweden
We believe in our breeding based on the strong bitches lines and our long-time experince. Our goal to breed the winners and as the result of our consequent breeding during more than 20 years we have got already over 50 Champions and about 30 International Champions, World Winner, European Winners, the Winners of all biggest Scandinavian and Baltic coutries and much more. More details
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