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Almost all pet owners love to pamper their dogs or cats by giving them snacks. However, this is not always beneficial to the pet itself. From the abundant amount of snacks the pet may become overweight, pampering him with food from your table you risk damaging his digestive system and from certain snacks your pet may even develop allergies.

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Big poodle Vija and Nature's Protection

If only we could have foreseen how everything would evolve, we would have taken pictures of all the changes and kept the diary of a remarkable history of the poodle Vija... This would have demonstrated to the entire world how Nature's Protection really impacts health and longevity...

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Lithuanian product of the year

 On December 17th, in the annual “Lithuanian Product of the Year” competition organized by the Lithuanian Confederation of Industrialists, a gold medal was awarded to the specialized pet food factory AKVATERA LT, UAB managed by the confederation KIKA GROUP, UAB. The award was given to the company for super premium dry food for sterilised adult cats, “Nature’s Protection Lifestyle Grain Free Salmon With Krill Sterilized Adult Cat”, which contains super-food ingredients, a high content of animal protein and is enriched with a unique ingredient – krill.

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Cat treats. Why are they essential?

Who is the queen of your home? Is she fluffy and walks wherever she wants? Cat lovers will undoubtedly agree that cats are the rulers of their homes, that want to be constantly indulged. Treats are not only a delicious bite, but also a useful way to take care of your pet in various situations.

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Dog treats. What’s their purpose?

Probably all of us love to indulge our pet. Sometimes the sad gaze of a dog from under the dinner table truly touches the owner’s heart. But we should remember that human food is not suitable for our little friends therefore it is always a good idea to have some dog treats. The purposes and range of these products that are developed specially for pets can be very wide. A treat can serve not only as a delicious bite, but also as a useful tool in training and taking care of your dog. To make it easier for you to pick the best treats for your pet, we will share their main purposes and benefits. 

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AKVATERA LT, UAB harnesses "green" energy to produce pet food

Currently, up to 30% of energy comes from a solar farm, which has been installed near the plant in February this year. Rapidly growing Corporate Social Responsibility and the desire to be friendly to the environment led the company to ensure AKVATERA LT, JSC plant’s operation using 100% clean energy. It is therefore envisaged that 70% of “green” energy will come as of July 1st from alternative energy sources such as hydroelectric power stations, wind and solar power plants. 

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How to take care of dogs following neutering?

After neutering, the dogs lose certain hormones (estradiol and testosterone), levels of other hormones decrease or increase (such as, leptin, which affects appetite, and insulin, which regulates blood sugar levels). All this leads to a slower metabolism and increased appetite of pets.

This means that in order to maintain optimal body weight and good health condition, neutered pets require less calories and more physical exercise. 
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Dried and canned food. May foods be mixed?

Mixing foods is recommended when a pet is a picky eater. When dry and canned foods are mixed together, the products will have a stronger smell and become more attractive for your pet. It will trigger a pet’s appetite, so you can be sure that the bowl will be empty without preference to a particular type of food.

When you decide to change the feeding habits of your pet, do it gradually. Always mix the new food with the old one, gradually increasing the amount of the new and reducing the quantity of the old food. Thus, if you decide to mix dry and canned foods, begin with a small amount, increasing it daily until you reach the preferred ratio.
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What Should You Feed Your Allergic Pet?

Recently, the number of allergic pets, who suffer various unwanted reactions, has been increasing. One of the most complicated reasons is food allergy. Red skin with a rash, constant itching and malfunctioned digestion are just several unpleasant symptoms showing that the pet is allergic to the food that you are giving it.

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