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Vitamins for cats and dogs - why are they so important?

In most cases food supplements are composite, i.e. made of different ingredients. You only need to know what specific benefit it will bring to your pet. For instance, magnesium, calcium, and phosphorus are essential in the formation of cartilage, the strengthening of bones and teeth. 

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The Dangers of Table Scraps

Due to their excessive love, owners often treat their pets with table scraps and in doing so, they put their pet’s health in danger. According to the veterinarian, at first, you may fail to notice any effect, however, after a while it becomes clear that the dog or cat has been treated with table scraps.

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Global NATURE‘S PROTECTION family meets at WORLD DOG SHOW’18

We are happy to share the most memorable moments from the WORLD DOG SHOW’18, that took place in Amsterdam, Netherlands in August. 

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The art of breeding a champion dog

All dogs’ parameters perfectly in compliance with the breed standards, a well-groomed appearance and obedience … just a few of the factors that determine how successful a dog will be to win titles at dog shows. But that’s not all. The well-known breeder and cynologist Janita Januškauskaitė-Plungė, who owns the “Tauro Kennel”, one of the largest animal care centers in the Baltic States, is convinced that another factor is of paramount importance: the dogs’ healthy nutrition.

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Food Allergies is an Especially Frequent Issue
One of the types of allergic reactions is an allergy for certain components of the feed. Food allergies comprise approximately 10% of all allergies exposing in dogs.
Approximately 70% of dog‘s immunity lies in its digestive tract. Therefore, it is no surprise that allergies occur as digestive tract problems and skin that is more sensitive. 
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Breaking News: The mystery of discolored black hair finally solved !!!

It’s for years now that heated discussions occurred and controversial theories were circulating,about the causes of the red- or brown discoloration of the black hair coat of dogs. At last the mystery has been solved in technoligists team of Nature’s Protection brand. Although exposure to sunlight or water was often mentioned, a more fundamental food based cause has been identified.

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Global Nature’s Protection family meets at Interzoo’18
On the 8-11th of May, an international pet care exhibition “Interzoo 2018” took place in Nurnberg, Germany. The event that is held once in two years is valued as the largest trading venue for the pet food and care supplies sector, with several thousand manufacturers and more than 40 thousand buyers from different countries participating in the exhibition. More details
Exciting moments from Belarus of the dog show
On April 29th, the national dog show took place at the “Dinamo” Stadium in Minsk, Belarus, organized by the “Alba Ross” club. One of the co-sponsors for this event was the Company “Tuzik”, which is an authorized representative of “Nature's Protection” in the territory of the Republic of Belarus. More details
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