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Coprophagia, in other words –stool consumption – is a highly unpleasant dog‘s behavior. The biggest danger lies in the risk of getting infected with various parasites which may cause deathly illnesses. Therefore, in cooperation with veterinarians, the natural feed supplement NATURE’S PROTECTION STOP STOOL EATING FORMULA was created to wean dogs off consuming stool. 
  • 100% natural feed supplement for dogs made in cooperation with veterinarians, helps eliminate the reasons why dogs eat faeces. It helps wean the dog off this unpleasant behavior – eating stool.
  • 100% natural composition. 
  • The balanced combination of natural components may help maintain the optimal gastric acidity and ensure the protection of the digestive system from irritation due to which dogs usually start to eat grass and (or) their own stool.
  • The composition is enhanced with natural mineral “MicroZeoGen” – dynamically micronized clinoptilolite  can help eliminate toxins from an organism and improve the immunity.
  • A universal feed supplement. It is suitable for both, young and adult dogs.





Dynamically micronized clinoptilolite that actively stimulates intestine microflora and intake of nutrients. Due to its own unique microstructure, it can help eliminate toxins from an organism and improve the immunity.

Natural formula with herbs. 

Helps eliminate the reasons why dogs eat faeces.


Composition: carrot flour, slippery elm (American red elm), water mint leaves, centipede, gentian root. 
Additives/1 kg: clinoptilolite of sedimentary origin (1g 568) - 250g, bentonite - (1m558i) 50g.
Recommendations for use: for dogs which weigh 10 kg, give½ of a teaspoon, max – 4 teaspoons (1 teaspoon = approximately 5 g). Give it for 4 weeks, if necessary, feed it longer. Decrease the dose during pregnancy. It is recommended to mix the feed supplement with the dry feed.
Dried feed should be dampened with water. If the dog is treated with medicine, it is recommended to give the feed supplement “Nature‘s Protection Stop Stool Eating Formula” 2 hours after the last treatment with medicine.
Storage: store at room temperature, but at no higher than 25°C.  Keep in a dry place.



Analytical constituents:
crude protein – 5,1 %, 
crude fat – 0,1 %,
crude ash – 37,1 %, 
crude fibres – 9,9 %,





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