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Intestinal parasites and worms – a frequent problem occurring among adult and young dogs. In some cases, you may not notice any clinical signs, however, sometimes intestinal worms and parasites may cause serious illnesses which might lead to pet’s death. Therefore, NATURE‘S PROTECTION created the feed supplement D-WORM FORMULA specifically for dogs infected with intestinal worms and parasites. It may help exterminate and remove intestinal worms and other parasites from the organism.
  • 100% natural composition. This feed supplement consists of the special mixture of natural components. It consists of pumpkin seeds, wormwood, elecampane roots, parsley, sage, thyme, cinnamon, rosemary, and carrot powder.
  • For adult and young dogs, which are infected with intestinal worms and parasites. 
  • Effective protection. 
  • Splendid digestion. 
  • Safe communication. It helps ensure safe pet‘s contact with humans.
  • Easy to use. The supplement is available in the form of the powder, so it is especially easy to feed it to the pet, you only need to mix it with the feed. 




It may help maintain an optimal balance of the digestive system.

100% natural composition. 

 It may help exterminate worms and parasites from the organism, as well as ensure proper pet‘s health and playfulness.


Composition: pumpkin-seed, wormwood, elecampane-root, parsley, sage, thyme, cinnamon, rosemary, oregano, carrot-flour. 
Recommendations for userecommended daily intake: Mix 2,5 g of the supplement with the feed and feed it for 10 days. It is recommended to feed it every 3 months. 
Storage: store at room temperature, but at no higher than 25°C. Use within 6 months of opening the package. Keep in a dry place



Analytical constituents:
crude protein – 13,7 %, 
crude fat – 7,1 %,
crude ash – 8,2 %
crude fibre – 13,4 %,





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