Natalija Skalin: a dog breeder from Sweden



The year 2016 we will always remeber as a very special one for us as breeders and exhibitors. We are more than proud to be the breeders of Top Rough Collie 2016 in Finland Impress Me Fantazija who was the true sensation winning the strongest competition of the Year. The highlight of the year was Chelborn Desirable winning Crufts and European Dog Show!

We believe in our breeding based on the strong bitches lines and our long-time experince. Our goal to breed the winners and as the result of our consequent breeding
during more than 20 years we have got already over 50 Champions and about 30 International Champions, World Winner, European Winners, the Winners of all biggest Scandinavian and Baltic coutries and much more.

The top dogs needs to be kept in the top condition and we use the products which we trust. That's why we chose super premium class food „Nature's Protection.“
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