Long-term problem solved food for white-coated dogs „WHITE DOGS“


Regina Belstad is well known in the world of dog breeders. For about 30 years she has been raising and breeding dogs of the Bichon Frisé breed. Many of them can boast of award-winning achievements in shows across the entire globe.

However, just like many other owners of whitecoated dogs, Regina could not find a way to deal with their teary eyes, tear and saliva stains as well as fur discolouration. She looked long and hard for a solution and tried many different food and care products as well as food supplements, but to no avail. She could not produce the results she wanted and was about to give up when she unexpectedly came upon the White Dogs food product from the Nature's Protection Superior Care line and decided to give it a try. Soon enough, she began to notice the first changes.

Once she began giving her dog White Dogs feed, Regina was quick to see the changes: the dog's eyes began to tear up less and the fur around its eyes was clearing up by the day. This was a great surprise and joy for the breeder's like-minded friends and colleagues. Soon after, this very Bichon Frisé became a prize-winning pooch at the European Dog Show.

The breeder is happy to note that her dogs gladly eat White Dogs food. The dogs she feeds with this product feel great, are playful, spirited and full of energy. Besides, the digestive issues that troubled her dogs with the previous food products she used now occur much less frequently.

According to Regina, the food pellets are of an ideal size: „the Bichon Frises can easily chew them up and there is no need to fear a choking hazard“. These great results did not remain unnoticed at dog shows – Regina Belstad's dogs received the highest evaluations at this year's World Fair.



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