"WHITE DOGS" food for dogs – on the top of popularity in the Polish market

Worldwide recognized and well-regarded, our product “Nature‘s Protection Superior Care White Dogs“ is gradually gaining Polish market shares. In 2017 the dynamics of this dog food sales growth exceeded all expectations and the company “Erbe Animals“ was prized with the highest award for innovative product delivery at the Polish market.
“Erbe Animals“ – today is best-known distribution centre for highest quality zoological products in Poland, supplying Polish pet lovers with “Nature’s Protection” products. Robert Rozenblat, the owner of the company, is happy to have discovered Super Premium pet food for cats and dogs, which took a firm stance among the market leaders, justify customers’ expectations, but most importantly, adored by four-footed companions.  
In his view, it was not a certain moment that contributed to the intensive development of the “Erbe Animals“ company in 2017, but one of the products – “Nature’s Protection Superior Care White Dogs“. It is a unique product designed to cover the special needs of white-haired and light-haired dogs. It helps to combat the problem of browning coat and remove tear spots that discolour the hair. The exclusive composition specially formulated for white- and light-haired dogs is manufactured according to a unique formula using only 100% natural scrupulously selected high quality ingredients that provide the required amount of useful nutrients to an animal. 


“This pet food entered the Polish market in 2014, then our cooperation established, whose results were visible in 2017.  This product’s sales last year exceeded all our expectations. For this particular pet food our company in September 2017 was appraised with the award established by the magazine “Rynek Zoologiczny“ in the highest level of innovation category. We are constantly garner positive feedback and opinions about this product both from retail customers and breeders.  I hope that “White Dogs“ will bask in glory for quite a long time, since in 2017 it was the most requested product in the pet food market“, R. Rozenblat said about the unique pet food which contributed to the company’s success story. 



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