The NATURE'S PROTECTION contest increased sales up to 60%



In March we had an award ceremony of  NATURE'S PROTECTION sales contest, where three best sales managers were awarded with an exotic trip to Madagascar!

All the sales team working at the retail stores took part in the yearlong NATURE‘S PROTECTION contest. Each of them had their own sales targets based on their store’s possibilities as well as targets for total sales of pet food.
After summing up the sales results it became clear that the three colleagues achieved an excellent growth of 60% in value and 45% in volume.
For such great results, the sales managers were awarded with a trip to Madagascar!
The prize – an all-included trip for each winner with one additional person – suprised the winners and made them extremely happy.
The Head of Retail Chain was also satisfied with the achievements of her employees that lead to an increase in sales. She emphasised their persistance as a key ingredient for achieving the best result.
All winners agreed that the key factors for award winning are goal achievement, honesty, love for the work you do, knowledge of the products, and orientation towards the final result.
This competition is a great example to all of us on how we can achieve more by honest work.
The important thing is to enjoy the process, and the results will positively surprise you!




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