SNOW SHADOW Sled Dogs: the ultimate canine athletes



Since 2007 the Sweden-based SNOW SHADOW kennel excel in breeding Siberian Huskies, the iconic breed with an innate thrive and physiologic capacities for mushing. This sport requires an incredible physic condition, expert training and exquisite nutrition to allow the dog-team to perform.
Josefin and Joachim Andersson, the proud kennel owners, know all about it, as is witnessed by an impressive list of awards and achievements:
3 Gold, 5 Silver and 5 Bronze medals in the last 4 seasons, 4 top-3 placements in the Siberian Husky Cup, 6th in the Sled dog World Championship Run in Sweden, next to an impressive list of Awards for the stunning performances of individual dogs.
As mentioned above sled dogs in training and racing have very high requirements in order to sustain the strenuous efforts without harm and to achieve peek performances. 

At SNOW SHADOW they know all about what it takes: planning, patience, knowledge, perseverance and a sense of reality along with love and care of the canine athletes. Reaching peak performance will only be reached if and when the dogs are brought in a physiologic condition that is thriving on fat rather than on carbohydrates (quite different than with human marathon runners, where the reverse applies!). Hence these Siberian Huskies require, next to expert training, a food that is very high in energy and extremely concentrated and well balanced on all nutrients. Indeed: on average a sled dog in training or racing will have a caloric intake of up to 4,500 Cal a day, but in racing circumstances they can burn up to 10,000 Cal per day in extreme circumstances like the Iditarod trail for instance.
Next to the high calorie demand the strenuous physic efforts require muscles, tendons, skeletons, circulatory and respiratory system to be maintained by the highest level of nutrition.
The Nature's Protection brand is extremely proud that the SNOW SHADOW kennel considers it a brand they trust to help them achieve the impressive list of awards.
For good reason: Nature's Protection Active is indeed developed and designed as the ultimate in dog nutrition. We dare to say that it is the “perfect food” for active dogs. Every aspect of their needs is taken into account. This food is in use in this kennel since 2015 and is a vested added value for reaching high performances as well as tremendous skin & coat quality.
The kennel owners also want the puppies they sell to maintain a good start in life. That is why every sold Husky puppy receives a Nature's Protection Starter Pack in order to continue providing the high quality nutrition they need.
We wish the SNOW SHADOW kennel all possible success in the near and distant future! 





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