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NATURE`S PROTECTION - Super Premium complete dry and wet food for dogs and cats.

NATURE’S PROTECTION - over a million unique loyal pets from more than 50 countries worldwide with their success stories and achievements that we are happy to share.

NATURE’S PROTECTION - team is constantly looking for challenges. It is important for us to create and refine the next generation solutions of nutrition based on efficiency and assessment of leading breeders. The highest-level experts of nutrition and recognized veterinarians help us to develop a vision for a better world for pets. We encourage to dream and make dreams come true.  

NATURE’S PROTECTION SUPERIOR CARE world – specialized, functional Super Premium complete dry food for dogs and cats with special needs. 





The unique ingredientof NATURE‘S PROTECTION SUPERIOR CARE feeds – MicroZeoGen is an innovation from nature. This natural mineral is an extremely valuable functional advantage that can help to ensure great health and vitality of pets.
More than 15 positive effects of MicroZeoGen were backed by decades of research. Due to its traitsMicroZeoGen can help to:
  • Remove toxins, heavy metals, ammonia from the pet's body;
  • Improve absorption of nutrients;
  • Strengthen immune system.
Long, healthy and happy friendship for you and your pet is our goal!
What is Zeolite?
Zeolite is a mineral that is formed when lava reacts to water during a volcanic eruption. This results in a remarkable structure.  Zeolite occurs in different compositions and their beneficial effects on people and animals have been known for centuries. The Zeolites' extraordinary composition and special spatial structure enable these positive effects.
Zeolites are mined throughout the world and are used as common ingredients in Asian remedies. In addition, they have been extensively used in industrial applications to decontaminate soils contaminated with radiocaesium and radiostrontium. They are used as soil additives to reduce the uptake of mercury by plants and restrict the entry of mercury into the food chain and are also used to remove ammonia from drinking water. 
What is the Chemical Structure of Zeolite?
The chemical form of zeolite is (Ca,K2,Na2,Mg)4Al8Si40O96.24H2O. It is microporous, with a cage-like molecular structure to remove heavy metals and other toxins (in an ion exchange process) safely from the body.
Dynamic Activation - MZG
The particles are fired against each other inside the machine countless of times at high speeds. As a result of the collision the particles burst apart, increasing their surface area significantly. This activation of the material is called Dynamic Activation (MZG) and has been patented. The effectiveness of Zeolite and other materials are increased hundreds of times by this process.
The raw material zeolite is upgraded to MZG by Dynamic Activation, important properties such as the absorption capacity, improved cation selectivity and higher electrostatic correction loads are enhanced hundreds of times. The particles' dimensions are reduced to less than 1 micron!
The surface area is increased by more than 300%!
The majority of NATURE‘S PROTECTION SUPERIOR CARE feeds are supplemented with certified salmon oil. Our supplier of salmon oil selects salmon from certified farms only and ensures responsible cultivation and production process that meets all requirements.
Salmon oil is a source of polyunsaturated Omega-3 fatty acids that:
  • Improve the condition of skin and coat and can help with skin allergies;
  • May help to lose weight for overweight pets;
  • Are very important for strengthening of the immune system. 

DHA fatty acids in salmon oil can help to stimulate the development of the brain and the ability to learn in growing puppies.
All feeds of this line are wheat free, therefore pets which are allergic to wheat or its gluten will be able to enjoy the feeds. 
Formulas contain 100% natural selected high-quality ingredients. All products are free of artificial colourants, flavourings and preservatives.  
Feeds do not contain milk and its products, so they are suitable for pets that do not tolerate lactose.
At Nature’s Protection the safeguarding of quality comes first. It is our core principle to which no concessions are made. Quality is a total concept for us, including the fine ingredients we use and the products we deliver as well as the service we provide to our loyal customers.
  • Our state of the art factory passes a yearly inspection by TUV, a renown German Institute, and our products have been officially awarded on several occasions.


  • All our fine ingredients come from vendors who passed our certification program and who are permanently monitored by us and by external laboratories.


  • Of course we do not source Genetically Modified material for any of our products.


  • We are consistent in following our nutritional philosophy: we respect the true nature of the dog and the cat. No marketing gimmicks will be found in our products.


  • Nature’s Protection simple, transparent product range offers a wealth of benefits while fulfilling the very specific nutritional requirements of your dog and cat under various circumstances of life stage, life style and special conditions.


  • Our international experts on pet nutrition, veterinary care and manufacturing technology worked seamlessly together to create the innovative Nature’s Protection product line. Our commitment to you goes even further. Through our website we make our Expert Panel available to you personally for any advice you might need to achieve a healthy longevity for your pet.


  • We congratulate you for choosing Nature’s Protection. It is the responsible and affordable choice if you seek optimal health and wellbeing for the dog and cat you care for.


You will witness the real outcome of feeding Nature’s Protection: “Life at its best”!



Nature’s Protection and its team of veterinary and nutritional experts as well as manufacturing specialists have a deep understanding of how quality nutrition has an impact on a healthy and long life. This knowledge and expertise is consistently applied in the product formulas to ensure a mutually enjoyable and beneficial human-pet relationship.
The entire product range offers a wealth of benefits, which cover the majority of the specific needs under various circumstances of life stage, life style and special conditions. For this reason the products are only sold in places where the consumer can benefit from personalised advice.
Our Nutritional Philosophy: All that your dog and cat needs.
Life at its best!
The Nature’s Protection brand aims to celebrate life! We celebrate both the pet’s and the pet owner’s life. That is why our Mission Statement revolves around the human-animal bond. That is also why the true needs of dogs and cats come first for us. Because only when feeding dogs and cats the way nature intended, we can expect a healthy longevity for our four footed companions.
The strive for Nature’s Protection to stay close to nature means the we have to focus all our efforts to feed dogs and cats as carnivores. That is how nature designed them. While cats are true carnivores, dogs can survive as an omnivore, but they thrive much better if fed as a carnivore. We are not interested in letting dogs just survive … we want them to be fed the best!
Feeding a dog or cat as a carnivore does not mean that they should be fed meat only. It means that the protein sources, delivering the essential Amino Acids for their own metabolism and maintenance of the body, should be from meat and not from cereal origin (such as for instance soy). Therefore you will always find a meat based protein source in all Nature’s Protection diets.
This is just one example of how our nutritional philosophy is totally adapted to the true and natural nutritional needs of dogs and cats.


How to recycle correctly? 
Did you know that each ton of recycled paper saves 17 trees and as much as 8 million metric tons of nonrecycled plastic end up in our oceans every year? It is our duty to be responsible for recycling different waste products and packages so that a stroll in nature would be a real pleasure both for us and for our pets.
Where should empty wet food cans be thrown away?

Metal waste is thrown away into a recycling bank for plastic waste.
Where should foil laminated packages of dry food be thrown away?
Foil can be recycled, so throw it into a recycling bank for plastic waste.


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